Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anime Blossoms

Anime Blossoms is an anime forum, obviously.

About the name "Anime Blossoms":

QUOTE(From Anime Blossoms)
Well, at first, I'll pick a name then search them at google if someone already picked that certain name. Well of course I want a unique name. So I've come to a lot of conclusions like port, land, etc but obviously, they're taken. I've asked a lot of people to help me, they helped but most of the names that they have picked are existing already. Bromly even gave me names such as Hoshi which has great meanings but I've been browsing "My Pictures" folders for some ideas. And I've seen this great image with a spring background. The tree is pink with white petals. And I said to myself.. "Hey, I have an idea" but unfortunately, I can't remember the name. I really liked that kind of tree. So I asked Bromly but he doesn't know. But I remembered something.. about a manga with that kind of tree! So I've visited OneManga to find that manga once again. I've found it then I've started reading it (lucky thing is, that tree is on chapter 1) then there, I've seen the word "Sakura Blossom" and I was like.. "Thats it! Blossoms!" so I hurriedly searched that name on google and... yay! The name hasn't been picked yet! So I asked Bromly to host this IPB forum with the name "Anime Blossoms".

After hours of thinking, I've decided "A Blossoming Future" to be the forum slogan. Its pretty good if you asked me.

About the skin and content:

QUOTE(Anime Blossoms)
We'll have this skin for now. A silverish one with a kinda blossom-feeling. Well, the content is kinda great in my opinion for now. We've just started today and you can't expect everything to like.. just pop up and all. So in the future, we'll have more content and perhaps, a custom anime skin. it will take some time, though.

The board has:
  • Graphics section (request banners, talk about graphics, etc)
  • Anime Resource (coming soon)
  • Anime Reviews
  • Your board support
  • Board Lounge (talk about anything, etc)
  • Anime Fan Clubs
  • Anime and Manga discussion
  • Blogs
  • Arcade
  • Oekaki (coming soon)
  • Topsites
Forum completion:

90% - (configure the forum, add more threads and work on the anime resource)

(If you wanna affiliate, PM me)

I'd love to see a lot of ratings or comments from you guys.

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